NEW LAUNCH ALERT:Tinted Moisturizer 6 Shades!

You asked, and Dr. Macrene formulated! Welcoming 3 new shades to the best in class High Performance Tinted Moisturizer family:
Light-Medium, Medium-Deep, Extra Deep
We have exciting news to share: after a year of hard work and research in the lab and on Dr. Macrene's organic farm, one of our best-selling products - the High Performance Tinted Moisturizer - now comes in three new highly requested shades: light-medium, medium-deep, and extra deep!
"When I formulated MACRENE actives, my goal was to embrace 100% of the population. This meant all skin types, genders, and lifestyles. I strove and continue to strive to make skincare that is compatible and beneficial to all skin types, conditions and goals. MACRENE actives is pan-neutral so that anyone can feel as though it was made especially for them from formula to packaging," says Dr. Macrene.
The High Performance Tinted Moisturizer is a legendary skincare treatment with ultra-nourishing skincare ingredients to not only cover, but also treat the skin. Enriched with over 45 organic plant-derived active ingredients including hyaluronic acid, ginkgo, yerba mate tea, pomegranate, and luxurious pigments, the tinted moisturizer creates a luminous bare-skin like finish and visibly improves your skin over time.
It's A Smart Skincare Treatment
The High Performance Tinted Moisturizer leverages the power of Nobel Prize winning technology and DNA-repairing ingredients to support your skin’s ability to restore and protect itself. 
A third-party testing laboratory assessed the Tinted Moisturizer in clinical and consumer studies, using objective tools designed to quantitatively measure changes in the multiple categories of cosmetic skin aging. The results demonstrated statistically significant improvements in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, brown discolorations, and radiance of the skin of the face at 4, 8 and 12 weeks.
100% of subjects reported it does not look like they are wearing foundation.
90.91% of subjects reported that the High Performance Tinted Moisturizer soothed the skin.
90.91% of subjects reported that their skin looks brighter and more radiant.
81.82% of subjects reported seeing a minimization of pores.
93.94% of subjects reported that the High Performance Tinted Moisturizer did not make their skin breakout!
93.94% of subjects reported that they do not need to reapply throughout the day – it does not melt and wears all day!
Dr. Macrene wearing the High Performance Tinted Moisturizer in shade Light.
Find Your True Radiance
We know that choosing the perfect shade online can be difficult, so Dr. Macrene has created a one-of-a-kind formula to make this process easy for you.
The High Performance Tinted Moisturizer is formulated with luxurious pigments that reflect your own skin tone—rather than covering you up, the tinted moisturizer will blend with your skin, adapt to your skin tone, and take on the hue of your skin itself (yes, Dr. Macrene's magic). If you're still not sure which shade is best for you, feel free to send a photo to and our customer service team will be happy to assist you.