Macrene Actives Reviews

High Performance Face Cream
"Worth It!"
Pam T. on May 14, 2022
I feel that use of the face cream and serum has calmed my skin. I have rosacea and oiliness and these products have lessened the rosacea and I am not breaking out nor getting dryness (from using harsh ingredients) any longer. I also can apply these under and around my eyes without any allergic or irritating effects, so I do not need a separate eye cream.
"Remarkably Effective Daily Moisturiser!"
Orla H. on Jul 21, 2021
This is my 1 skincare hack. It has made an astonishing difference to the youthfulness of my skin. I’m 37 and now when I look back at photos of when I was 33 I can truly say “wow I look so much more refreshed and dewey now vs then. A remarkable product.
High Performance Lip Filler
Toyloria H. on Jul 14, 2022
I use this lip serum as a lip moisturizer during the hot summer months, so it is constantly in my purse for quick touch-ups. It has prevented dryness, cracking and chapped skin without having to apply greasy, messy lip balms. This product goes on smoothly and looks beautiful!
Gaye T. on May 17, 2022
I’ve tried many. NOT like this one. It works makes your lips soft and plump! It doesn’t sting but tingles a bit so you know that it is working. I’m just run out and am waiting for my new shipment. Buy it you won’t regret it. And it lasts a long time. Not one month like some. You get your money’s worth in all respects!
High Performance Face Cream Extra Rich
Toyloria H. on Jul 14, 2022
I can't imagine my life without this moisturizer! My skin always looks evenly hydrated in summer and winter - I never have to change products. I use the extra rich formula because I am in my mid 50s and my mature skin craves the moisture. But instead of looking greasy or shiny, my skin looks dewy and youthful when I use this cream underneath my makeup in the morning. I love that this works on all skin types, and I've never had a breakout, irritation or bad reaction of any kind. I HIGHLY recommend this cream.
"Absolutely Love This!"
Nicole Cifersky on Jul 03, 2022
I suffer from eczema and get patches on my face in addition to just having very dry skin (changed to dry from oily combo when I hit my 40’s). I have tried so many moisturizers for my dry skin and nothing would work. This along with the face wash and serum have really helped my dry skin. I have had no irritation, no eczema breakouts and this does not burn or sting my eyes. I have noticed such an improvement with the puffiness of my face too! I absolutely love this, it hurts my wallet but is a must have for my nightmare skin! I highly recommend this!
High Performance Cleanser
"This is A Must Have!"
Nicole on Apr 20, 2022
I absolutely love this face wash. I have extremely dry, sensitive, and reactive skin. This is so creamy and gentle. It makes my skin feel very clean without feeling tight, dry, or stripped. I have tried so many cleansers and none worked the way I needed them to until I came across Macrene Actives. I am so glad I found this face wash! I highly, highly, highly recommend trying this! You will not be disappointed and it will immediately become your favorite cleanser!
"Gentle and Effective!"
Hannah R. on Nov 08, 2021
I have loved this cleanser since I was pregnant and felt like it helped calm hormonal pregnancy acne. I recently purchased it again (I like that it comes in this size, because I'm more able to splurge at this travel size rate) and am enjoying it every bit as much. I feel like it is such a luxurious texture that really "grabs onto" impurities and cleanses them away, but it is calming and not stripping to my skin. Really enjoy this product and would recommend to any skin type - oily, combo, dry. (Mine is combination dry). Note - I do find the minty-ness of this to tingle a bit if I'm overly sensitized by using retinoids too much, but otherwise on normal skin it is quite gentle.
High Performance Serum
Toyloria H. on Jul 14, 2022
 This serum is lightweight and penetrates smoothly and deeply without leaving a greasy feel. My skin feels very hydrated and moist - it literally drinks this serum up. I have never had any problems, breakouts or irritation with this product so I will never switch to anything else ever again.
"Great Product Delivers Great Result!"
Amy on May 25, 2022
It’s very nourishing for my skin yet not greasy, causing no breakouts. I see some overall good results after a week. I am confident to see continuing improvement over a long term. Feel great and safe when you know you are putting on a product packed with ingredients that were researched to be safe and good for the skin. A small pump is enough for the whole face. Been using la Praire products for a very long time but switching to Dr Macrene’s skin care products now.
High Performance Neck and Decolletage Treatment
"Replenishing and Plumping!"
M A. on May 10, 2022
I have been using the neck dec treatment for 4 months now and my skin has never looked better! At 48 years old I had despaired of finding a product that would address the loss of firmness in my neck décolletage until I tried this little miracle worker. My skin looks visibly replenished and plumped: I apply it also to my arms and back of hands and it's just as effective. It's like the skin is nourished and happy. Absolutely love it!
"Real Results!"
Helen M. on Jul 03, 2020 
I’ve been using this product twice a day for about two months and it has significantly reduced the signs of aging on my neck! The formulation is sheer genius because no other neck treatment I’ve tried (and there have been many!) has been able to repair the crepe-y texture of my neck. My skin feels firmer and more resilient, and I will definitely be repurchasing. Thanks Dr. Macrene! 
High Performance Tinted Moisturizer
 Toyloria H. on Jul 14, 2022 
This tinted moisturizer is terrific! OMG, I absolutely love the smooth, natural (buildable) coverage! I look and feel like I'm not wearing makeup at all, yet my skin looks flawless. So many of my friends compliment me on my skin/makeup now and no one has ever really done that my entire life! I'm so happy to find that "final product" so I'll never have to search for another foundation ever again. I couldn't be more pleased with this high performance moisturizer.
"Remarkably Effective Daily Moisturiser!"
Orla H. on Jul 21, 2021
This is my 1 skincare hack. It has made an astonishing difference to the youthfulness of my skin. I’m 37 and now when I look back at photos of when I was 33 I can truly say “wow I look so much more refreshed and dewey now vs then. A remarkable product.
Kamille C. on Jul 14, 2022 
This is the best foundation I have ever used. I am a fair skinned redhead with sensitive skin and the shade (the very lightest) is absolutely perfect. I’m amazed at the coverage and how it evens out the skin tone, even with a thin layer. The coverage is so good, I rarely use concealer with it. It also does not make me break out, which is a huge bonus. And it lasts a very long time.
High Performance Concealer