Skin Routine for Discolorations or Uneven Skin Tone

Brown spots, discolorations or uneven skin tone may be caused by a number of factors, including sun exposure, melasma, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, scars and genetics. Sun exposure and traumas may make skin look discolored, blotchy, uneven, dull or sallow. Melasma is caused by the combination of sun or light exposure plus hormones, including those during pregnancy, delivery, oral contraceptives, or menopause. Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation is darkening or discoloration after trauma to the skin, such as inflammation or scarring that turns a brownish color that is not matched with the surrounding skin.

In my dermatology clinics, I treat brown spots, called lentigines, as well as many forms of hyperpigmentation with prescription agents, chemical peels, and select lasers and light devices. In severe cases of melasma, I may also employ oral medications. You may read all about it in my textbook, COSMETIC DERMATOLOGIC SURGERY (Wolters Kluwer).

Prevention of Skin Discolorations:

Avoid sun exposure, wear sun protective clothing and apply sunscreen.
Avoid irritants or anything that inflames the skin.
Melasma may be triggered or worsen with exposure to certain lasers or light devices, so it is imperative to seek expert care.

MACRENE actives, formulated with over 55 actives per product, helps restore a luminous complexion. Key ingredients such as glucosamine, ergothioneine, aspartic acid, arginine and Edelweiss extracts work to help brighten the skin.

Follow the skincare regimen recommended by Dr. Macrene to maintain your skin's natural balance and preserve it for the future.

Skin Routine for Discolorations or Uneven Skin Tone



Use the Macrene actives High Performance Cleanser and massage into the face in gentle circular movements in the morning and evening and rinse off with warm water.

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High Performance Cleanser

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Apply the High Performance Face Cream on the face, neck and décolleté with gentle upward movements. Apply every morning for optimal protection. It is perfect as a makeup base.

High Performance Face Cream

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Apply daily after cleansing or mix a few drops of this serum with your face cream and use overnight.

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High Performance Face Serum

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Finally apply the lightweight, dermatologist-tested Tinted Moisturizer to boost luminosity for an even, healthy glow. It helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

We recommend Light or Light-Medium for porcelain skin tones, Medium or Medium-Deep for fair to light tan skin tones, and Deep or Extra Deep for tan to dark skin tones.

How to Know Which Shade You Should Get

High Performance Tinted Moisturizer

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