Skin Routine for Large Pores and Puffiness

Puffiness of the facial skin may be due to dilated blood vessels, lymphatic backup, rosacea or excess sebaceous activity. When the skin is swollen, it also makes pores more prominent.

Some dermatologic treatments for these conditions include topical or oral prescriptions to address rosacea and acne, chemical peels, and lasers that target blood vessels and oil glands such as the Nd: YAG or V Beam laser.

I formulated MACRENE actives to help rebalance the skin and help address large pores.

I recommend the following regimen. The High Performance Cleanser cleanses while targeting sebum and maintaining proper pH. While skin is damp, I recommend applying the High Performance Cream, followed by the Serum and finish with the Tinted Moisturizer. These formulas work in concert to help reduce the appearance of blotchiness, puffiness and large pores.

Skin Routine for Large Pores and Puffiness



Use the Macrene actives High Performance Cleanser and massage into the face in gentle circular movements in the morning and evening and rinse off with warm water.

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High Performance Cleanser

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Apply the High Performance Face Cream on the face, neck and décolleté with gentle upward movements. Apply while skin is still damp.

High Performance Face Cream

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Apply the Face Serum daily after nourishing your skin with the Face Cream or mix a few drops of this serum with the Face Cream and use overnight.

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High Performance Face Serum

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Finally apply the lightweight, dermatologist-tested Tinted Moisturizer to boost luminosity and excellent redness reduction.

We recommend Light or Light-Medium for porcelain skin tones, Medium or Medium-Deep for fair to light tan skin tones, and Deep or Extra Deep for tan to dark skin tones.

How to Know Which Shade You Should Get

High Performance Tinted Moisturizer

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