Dr Macrene Holiday Skin Prep

The skincare routine for radiant skin just in time for your holiday parties. Dr. Macrene has you covered with all the tips to create a candlelit glow in time for your grand entrance. 
Step 1: Skin Prep
Creamy cleansers, essential oils and heavy creams may give you a dewy look, but your makeup will look cakey. Learn the MACRENE way to prep for naturally great skin.
"Most rich moisturizers on the market rely on inexpensive, occlusive ingredients such as petrolatum, mineral oil or paraffin wax," observes Dr. Macrene. "In contrast, MACRENE actives uses healthy plant lipids, free from petrolatum, mineral oil or wax. Jojoba esters and coco glycerides provide rich hydration that is non-comedogenic so that makeup goes on smooth with a dewy finish."
Get Dr. Macrene's 3-Step Skin Prep with the Experience Set, which includes the High Performance Cleanser, Cream and Neck and Decolletage Treatment. Designed to illuminate complexion of the face and neck and nourish your skin with over 100 active ingredients, your skin will be merry and bright all year round.
Step 2: Apply Smooth Airbrushed Finish
Once you have cleansed and nourished your skin, it is time to apply your High Performance Tinted Moisturizer for your airbrushed finish.
 "Historically, makeup products were made of silicones, silicates, mica and talc, which would fill in the pores and fine lines to give the blur effect. There is no benefit to the skin from such ingredients," cautions Dr. Macrene. "In contrast, I have formulated MACRENE actives to incorporate healthy blurring ingredients that do double duty as sun protection. Titanium, zinc and iron oxides. which are GRASE (generally regarded as safe and effective by the FDA), provide natural protection in a mica-free, talc-free formulation which delivers 45 nurturing actives to permanently help reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pores through the use of plant-derived polyphenols, brighteners, antioxidants, hyaluronic acids and peptides."
Finishing Touch: Dab the luscious High Performance Lip Filler on a nude upper and lower lip for a just-filled glossy pout that stays pink and plush without injections.