Dr. Macrene's Clean Beauty Master Class at Neiman Marcus Short Hills

Dr. Macrene at Neiman Marcus Short Hills

"My First Beauty Master Class and Q&A with Jancee Dunn at Neiman Marcus Short Hills was the most impactful and evolved of my public appearances. Jancee asked questions such as What is Beauty? How MACRENE actives is leading the personal care products industry in clean ingredients, ridding the earth of plastic and overhauling cosmetics manufacturing practices for the good of our health and that of our planet. The enthusiasm and positivity was felt throughout the packed beauty floor and I could not have been more proud of the beautiful Skyros Collection amidst the Classics all adorned with unique vegetable ink watercolours enclosing my 50+ plant actives formulations that serve to replace procedures with active ingredients and restore the skin to its natural beauty."

- Dr. Macrene, Derm Scientist