Post-Vacation Skin Secrets From Dr. Macrene

To maintain that beautiful, healthy, and radiant-looking skin after rest and relaxation or to restore fresh clear skin after too much sun exposure, establish a solid skincare regimen that incorporates thorough cleansing, intensive hydration, and skin barrier reparation. To help you, we asked Dr. Macrene for her skincare tips, recommended routines, and must-haves for maintaining fresh, dewy, and radiant skin and to reboot your skin after vacation.
Correct Over Sun-Exposed Skin 
If your skin surface is uneven, with plugged pores and excessive tanning, you probably had too much sun exposure and thickening of the skin causing a buildup of sebum. Use a mild yet thorough cleanser like the High Performance Cleanser and follow by the High Performance Face Cream twice a day to help repair the skin barrier, soothe the skin, brighten brown discolorations and reduce any irritation to get your skin back to a clear healthy state.
Stop Breakouts
Acne can be triggered by sun exposure, blocked pores from sunscreens, and inflammation due to pollution. So, the first step to avoiding acne is to remove inflammation triggers like pollution, UV rays, and stress. If you have post-summer acne forming, use the High Performance Serum after your High Performance Face Cream for extra brightening effects. The serum has the most stable forms of vitamins C, E and ferulic acid. Vitamin C is an effective brightening agent, it improves collagen production while keeping the skin protected from the sun.
Timing of In-Office Treatments
Dr. Macrene recommends avoiding any invasive treatments right after excessive sun exposure to allow your pigment levels to return to normal. You shouldn't need any procedures if you have been using MACRENE actives twice a day religiously. "The goal of MACRENE actives is to replace cosmetic procedures. My patients who started early have not needed to do botulinum toxin fillers or lasers. it is quite possible that they will not need to do any of these procedures because their skin will simply not age," says Dr. Macrene. "However, for those who started later and have already accumulated damage to the skin, my judicious use of cosmetic procedures will get them to where they need to be so they can maintain with MACRENE actives." Dr. Macrene advises avoiding sun exposure 4 weeks prior and 4 weeks post laser treatments but injectable are fine to do.
Goop's Beauty Editor's Pick
Goop's beauty editor Emma Brophy has been raving about MACRENE actives for keeping her skin and her lips looking their best. “My lips get dry and lose color very easily, and I’m now in love with the ultra-nourishing High Performance Lip Filler. It’s lightweight and made with organic plant oils, ceramides, and antioxidants—it feels like a luxurious face oil for your lips."