How to Refine Your Jawline

How To Get That Chiseled Jawline
Straight advice from the triple certified Clinical Dermatologist, Scientist, and Clean Beauty Authority™ Dr. Macrene

Product and treatment recommendations: MACRENE actives, Injectables or Devices.

1. Prevent and Treat with In-Office Treatments

“When I administer botulinum injections into the neck platysmal muscles, I am able to halt the muscular movements from pulling on the jawline to prevent and reverse jowls. As the principal investigator for the Kybella FDA trial, I observed outstanding results in targeting small pockets of fat in the submental area. For greater amounts of fat reduction, though, I go with the Coolmini," says Dr. Macrene. “Finally, for skin laxity that is beyond preventative measures, I have developed radiofrequency technologies that tighten the jawline and prevent the need for plastic surgery.” The results for such treatments are impressive, though it comes at a cost between $1000 and $5000. 

2. At-Home Treatment with Actives

“My goal with MACRENE actives is to translate cosmetic procedures into active ingredients. I have combined peptides, hyaluronic acid, DNA repair, antioxidants, and skin firming agents all in one to be used twice daily in order to reach the results formerly only achievable by office procedures. For sagging and deep wrinkles, I recommend the High Performance Serum and the High Performance Neck and Decolletage Treatment, which effectively target sagging skin and wrinkles to focus on skin tightening," says Dr. Macrene.

To learn more about these treatments, you can read Dr. Macrene’s textbook, COSMETIC DERMATOLOGIC SURGERY.

At-Home Tightening Treatment

To sculpt a firm jawline, Dr. Macrene often relies on plant-derived active ingredients. The High Performance Neck and Decolletage Treatment is formulated with over 50 potent plant-derived actives, including Watermelon extract, Microalgae, Red Algae, Mushroom Extracts to add definition around the cheeks and make the jawline tighter.
Dr. Macrene recommends applying the treatment “on neck, chest and tops of hands.” Try running the knuckles of your pointer and middle fingers along your jawline, from chin to ear, to enhance definition.


"I love this product and of course we all know how hard it is to see a difference in the neck and especially an older neck. My neck looks BETTER and wish I had started using High Performance Neck and Décolletage Treatment 10 years sooner. Thank you Dr. Macrene!" —Margaret W. 

"Love This Treatment!"

"I love the new and improved Neck and Décolletage Treatment. It has really made a difference. It goes on so smoothly and has such a light feel for something so rich. Also, I love the packaging as you can actually see the true amount of product you are is not hidden like many brands in a big container that actually has nothing in actually lasts a long time and is a generous amount of product for the money!" —Marci F.