EXCLUSIVE:Luisa Via Roma’s Magic with Dr. Macrene

Dr. Macrene sits down for an exclusive interview at the MACRENE actives organic farm for the September inaugural issue of Luisa Via Roma magazine to give us an insider look at her artistic process, her innovative non-invasive lift, her groundbreaking product line and the Clean Beauty Authority™ she helped establish! 
Read the full interview: https://macreneactives.com/blogs/dr-macrene-expertise/september-2021-luisa-via-roma-the-magic-of-dr-macrene
The Future of Skincare
Dr. Macrene has spent the last two decades in clinical practice mastering all the medical cosmetic and surgical treatment options for the most common dermatologic conditions. She identifies active ingredients to target each condition and translates the effects of injectables and lasers into MACRENE actives, effectively replacing cosmetic procedures with topical active ingredients.
"I can recapitulate the results of injectables, lasers and devices using topical active ingredients. This is the future—and the future is here." —Dr. Macrene