Ask Dr. Macrene:What Laser Treatments Should I Get?

Brooke Shields stopped in our dermatology office for some Dr. Macrene magic. ✨
Have you considered having laser treatment, but hesitated because you didn’t know what to get and when? Well, now is your opportunity to learn your options. Dr. Macrene encourages her patients to schedule their laser resurfacing treatments in her office during fall and winter. "This is the best time for laser treatment because the sun damage you accumulated over the summer is at its peak, says Dr. Macrene. “At the same time, the reduction in sun exposure during the colder months maximizes both the effectiveness and the safety of laser procedures." 
In the video below, Dr. Macrene–one of the foremost laser specialists in the world–gives you a consultation to help you discover your best treatment options. Ranking her go-to lasers and skincare treatments for fixing post-summer skin damage and sun spots, Dr. Macrene covers laser procedures from the most intense to the least invasive.
Skin Rejuvenation Options
Lasers and energy-based devices such as intense pulsed light or fractional non-ablative technologies are great minimal-to-no downtime options for treating red and brown spots, broken blood vessels, skin tone, and skin texture. If you have more severe sun damage and wrinkles, fractional ablative lasers may be warranted, where you need about a week to recover. At last, Dr. Macrene has invented a no-downtime alternative to lasers that yields even better results: the product of decades of her research, she currently administers radiofrequency microneedling with PRP (platelet-rich plasma) followed by MACRENE actives cream and serum as maintenance—and her patients skin looks at least ten or twenty years younger!
Laser Alternative Is MACRENE actives
Having spent the first half of her career pioneering lasers, Dr. Macrene devoted the second half of her career replacing the activity of lasers with topical delivery of active ingredients. With MACRENE actives she has formulated skincare that recapitulates the results of laser procedures using actives that penetrate and rejuvenate the skin. No downtime required.
"My eyes might not be working as well as they once were but my skin looks better than it did 10 years ago. Happy to put myself into the hands of my doctor and friend @DrMacrene. I use her MACRENE actives High Performance Face Cream and Serum. It is two easy steps that deliver happy results!" — Celerie Kemble, celebrity interior designer
How does MACRENE actives Work?
Dr. Macrene selects active ingredients to achieve the effects she targets with lasers. For example, she included peptides to target wrinkles, hyaluronic acid to promote plumpness, antioxidants for sun and pollution protection, algae and marine-derived ingredients for DNA repair, amino acids for brown spots, caffeine and feverfew for redness, and essential fatty acids for barrier repair. By combining these scientifically active and clinically proven ingredients together in a delivery method that she has patented that assures active and stable delivery to the targeted skin layers, she has been able to recapitulate the results of injectables, lasers and devices to fully rejuvenate skin using topical active ingredients. 
"It is my belief that I have replaced cosmetic procedures with MACRENE actives. If you apply the cream and the serum to the facial skin twice, the lip treatment to a nude lip and the neck and décolletage treatment to the neck, chest and hands, your skin will be rejuvenated and you can avoid lasers and cosmetic procedures," says Dr. Macrene.
The Future of Skincare is Here
Dr. Macrene is fond of saying there are now more than 55 actives in the most updated High Performance Face Cream. However, she is quick to add that each plant active actually includes hundreds or thousands of beneficial compounds, so many plant properties that remain unexplored. In her lab, Dr. Macrene is busy unlocking and discovering new active fractions from medicinal botanicals. “There are actually thousands of beneficial effects taking place when you apply your MACRENE actives products,” says Dr. Macrene "It’s like when you drink green tea; you’re not drinking a single ingredient—it’s more like a symphony of green tea active compounds rather than a single note. Similarly, with MACRENE actives, you are reaping the benefits of thousands of plant compounds— all in one jar."
Fresh From the Farm:
Sneak Peek of Dr. Macrene's Ingredient Harvest
A few of the 55 and counting plant active ingredients in the MACRENE actives formula that will be sure to bring you glowing and healthy skin! These ingredients are organic and hand planted on the MACRENE actives organic farm. What are some of your favorite ingredients that Dr. Macrene cultivates on her farm?