Ask Dr. Macrene:Skin Tightening

"My favorite in-office skin tightening treatments are my MACRENE Morpheus8 PRP and Lumenis Legend Pro and NuEra.
For the MACRENE treatment, I treat with Morpheus8 then apply your own blood's stem cells (PRP) followed by MACRENE actives twice a day for excellent tightening of crepe wrinkles on the face and neck. 
If you prefer a tightening technology for face and neck that is quick and painless, I use the Legend; expect to see tightening two weeks out. My research on the NuEra has been shown to tighten the skin of the abdomen, hips, thighs, and arms.
If you are looking to avoid a facelift, my research and pioneering work demonstrated that the Profound technology yields 1/3 the result of a lower facelift. These techniques take at least 5-10 years off by reducing sagging and firming the skin. Better results and maintenance are achieved with MACRENE actives serum for face and neck and décolletage for neck and chest."
At Home Skin Tightening:
High Performance Neck and Décolletage Treatment
Skin naturally loses elasticity and collagen with age so it is important to keep these levels boosted every day with the potent topical actives formulated in Dr. Macrene's High Performance Neck and Décolletage Treatment lotion.
"Starting in our 20s, synthesis of elastin ceases and elastin degrades with sun exposure, worsening over subsequent decades until it reaches a very low level, causing skin sagging and laxity," explains Dr. Macrene. "Collagen fibers become thin and sparse with age contributing to wrinkles and fine lines."
In order to address these losses, Dr. Macrene formulated the High Performance Neck and Décolletage Treatment with peptides and key cofactors to boost, firm, and tone the skin. Use twice a day every day and the goal is to replace cosmetic procedures with actives.
To help treat the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, Dr. Macrene recommends microencapsulated hyaluronic acids,  peptides, and resveratrol, which are in a patented delivery among 55 actives in her High Performance Face Cream, Serum and Neck and Décolletage Treatment.
A patient using only MACRENE actives Neck and Décolletage Treatment on neck and chest twice daily for 6 months. She was so excited and happy to observe such an improvement that she provided these photos!

The High Performance Neck and Décolletage Treatment is a part of the skincare collection that Dr. Macrene has researched for 16 years.

  The clean, vegan formula is free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, glycols, silicones, acrylates, polysorbates, and fragrance. 55 organic and plant-derived actives, including a host of DNA repair ingredients, antioxidants and amino acids, target wrinkles, damage and brown spots. 

Dr. Macrene's routine: apply the High Performance Face Cream first, then apply the High Performance Face Serum to face, followed by the Neck and Décolletage Treatment to the neck, chest, and tops of hands.