Ask Dr. Macrene:How Reduce Redness & Puffiness

"For those of you who don’t know what a coffee berry is, here I am holding a branch. The optimal antioxidants are found in the red-green berry. The berry is delicious and so healthy for your skin which is why it is one of the 50 plant actives I put in my formulae." —Dr. Macrene
Introduce redness-reducing scientific active ingredients into your skincare regimen. In the video below, Dr. Macrene explains why xanthines are an effective topical ingredient class to use for visibly firmer, brighter and clearer skin.
Type of Ingredient Class:
Soothing, Anti-Oxidant and Redness-Relieving
Main Benefits:
Reduce the appearance of redness, shrink the appearance of enlarged pores, reduce puffiness and undereye circles.
Suitable For:
People with concerns about redness, enlarged pores, under-eye bags, dark circles, and puffiness.
You can address redness through scientifically active plant extracts. "Natural xanthines, including caffeine, aminophylline and theobromine come from plants—such as coffee, tea and cacao—and when applied topically, help reduce the appearance of redness. They also help de-puff and reduce swelling. Xanthines are scientifically published to target enlarged caplillaries and the lymphatic drainage system," says Dr. Macrene. 
Organic Coffee Seed Extract, Cacao Extract, and Yerba Mate Tea Extract, in MACRENE actives are three of the best ingredients to shrink large pores — these are among many key ingredients of the High Performance Face Cream and Serum. These potent actives help soothe and reduce redness, while depuffing action reduces the appearance of pores and undereye circles.
Works Well With:
Vitamin C for an ultra-brightening effect.
Dr. Macrene's Pro Tip:
"For visibly younger, brighter eyes, use the High Performance Face Serum, which is packed with potent antioxidants including natural caffeine, vitamin C, green tea and red algae extracts. These actives work to diminish the appearance of dark circles, fine lines, and puffiness." For extra depuffing, keep your MACRENE actives refrigerated & apply as an extra-soothing eye treatment. The cold helps constrict vessels to immediately reduce under-eye swelling, while our natural sources of caffeine, aminophylline and theobromine help constrict the appearance of dilated capillaries and lymphatics to reduce the appearance of dark circles. "For the best care, apply the cream first followed by the serum to get over 100 active ingredients that boost skin quality, tone and elasticity of the eye area,” says Dr. Macrene.