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Why We Love 37 Actives

I love Dr Macrene's approach to skin care. She has really taken my skin to the next level. I absolutely love the 37 actives extra rich moisturizer, it's super hydrating without leaving a film or making my skin oily.
Hannah Bronfman

I am a huge fan. Dr Macrene's cream is the only cream that saves my skin with the amount of traveling I do as a dj. I spend so much of time flying that it's key for me to have the right cream that isn't too heavy but keeps my skin hydrated.
Chelsea Leyland

We are loving it!! And, we opened the package PERFECTLY the night I brought it home…. top slipped right off…slips opened like a lotus. Needless to say, we think it’s gorgeous!! Best of luck to you with this…it is a truly wonderful product!!!!
Barbara Locker - New York, NY

37 Extreme Actives is absolutely sensational. Thank you so much! I love it!
Sherry Lynn - New York, NY

I LOVE the cream!! So unbelievable! U r genius!"
Corey Gelman Paness - New York, NY

I so appreciate you and the wonderful product produced by your company. I am absolutely hooked!...I have been blessed with wonderful skin but this product is so scrumptuous and beautiful, it's making my skin look even better! Thank you!
Anne Ford - Dallas, Texas

Like most women I have tried everything in a pretty package but this is the first product that I can honestly say is remarkable and worth every penny and more. Thank you so much for your research and development and your knowledge and concern for keeping dangerous chemicals out of cosmetics. You are cutting edge right down to your glass containers and I am completely appreciative and now a loyal customer. Thanks again for your commitment to results and safety in beauty!
Anne Ford - Dallas, Texas

I love my product!!! My skin is so smooth. At first I thought it may not be moisturizing enough for eye, but under my eyes it is soooo smooth!!! Love it! I have tried alot of expensive lines and I know I have not even used it a week , but I can already tell a difference! Thank you.
Linda Edwards - Dallas, Texas
Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, and wow!!!! I cannot even believe how incredible my skin looks after using your cream for only a few weeks. My sister and everybody who sees me comments on how beautiful my skin looks. I am a health care professional, had lots of wrinkles and sun damage, had tried every skin cream under the sun, and nothing has ever come close to giving the results of your outstanding product. Unbelievable, incredible, spectacular, not enough words to describe it. Congratulations! And thank you!
Carol Twain - Riverside, Connecticut
I was skeptical about yet another magical cream. But at the end of the first week my skin felt much smoother & softer. By the end of the 2nd week, my makeup is sitting smoother, my skin looks clearer, I think some of the sun spots are starting to fade. As a woman in her 40s with super sensitive skin & rosacea, I was delighted to have a cream that does not seem to irritate the skin at all. The cream feels like a gel, but surprisingly has enough moisturizing capability! Love that I no longer need a serum, eye cream, it has definitely simplified skin care routine for us busy ladies. Really worth every penny. Congratulations on a wonderful product!
A. J. - Palo Alto, California

I have been using the face cream and the serum for about a month now and even after just a couple of weeks I noticed how much more hydrated and supple my skin felt!  As I age my Greek skin has reversed course and become very dry.  Your cream is very luxurious and not irritating to my sensitive, aging skin in any way (no breakouts whatsoever).  A little seems to go a long way.  I bought the larger 1.7 oz jar of the face cream and am using it usually twice a day. 

Pamela Wirt, Winnetka , IL


I have received more compliments about my skin since using 37 Extreme Actives than I have in my entire life. I saw results within a few days of using it and my skin has continued to improve in every way. I have used the cream regularly for months and my skin just gets better and better. At first glance, the price may seem higher than other products, but if you calculate how much it costs to own several products and the fact that those products do not yield the results that this one does, you realize that you are saving a great deal by using this one product that takes care of all your skin's needs. I highly recommend this product to friends and family.
Helen Rockefeller - New York, NY
I think I’ve lost 15 years over this last year. And hitting 40 next month. I highly doubt my skin has ever been this healthy.
Sara Zilkha - New York, NY
A testimonial -- I am a convert from the entire LaMer system. Not only is my skin feeling SO much improved by the 37 Extreme Actives cream but I'm loving the simplicity! I feel like I've gained both better skin and a huge chunk of my morning!
Heather Schechter - New York, NY
37 Actives is a miracle! It has transformed my skin in a month and enhances all other treatments. In particular my rosacea has improved so dramatically that I no longer need makeup to leave the house!!!
Linda Walden Fiddle - New York, NY
MY SKIN ADDICTION! 37 Actives has transformed my skin from dull and flaky into beautiful, radiant and lustrous skin. If I run out, after a few days, I see the difference and my skin goes back to being flaky, inflamed and unattractive. The minute I go back to 37, my skin transforms back into luminous perfection. I am addicted to 37!
MaryAnn Martinez - Paramus, New Jersey
I want to say for the record that I resisted buying 37 Actives for a very long time. Finally, I broke down and tried it. I like it. I never thought a cream would do anything more than moisturize, but this does. And, it lasts a very long time. One pot lasts three months. And, it works.
Carole Johnson, Lake Placid, NY
Your product is by far the best skin care cream I have ever used. (And you know with someone like me, that means a lot. I've tried them all.) I tell everyone about it.
Gina Way, Beauty Editor, New York, NY
I just started using this and really love it! My skin looks brighter already!
Helen Rockefeller Armide, New York, NY