Fashion Week:Discover The Skincare Models Swear By

Landing the top model job at GIVENCHY, Meadow Walker, daughter of beloved Paul Walker of the Fast & Furious franchise, is a star. The supermodel, like her leading peers at the agencies, depends on Dr. Macrene for her beautiful skin and to maintain at the top of the fashion field.

First and foremost an artist, combined with three degrees in Biology, Medicine and Genetics from Harvard University, Dr. Macrene is the #1 dermatologist to the most celebrated models in fashion for over two decades. Supermodel Meadow Walker swears by Dr. Macrene and MACRENE actives for her beautiful flawless skin.

"I don't wear makeup at all, except when I'm shooting something. I’m into clean beauty and organic products, but it’s mostly just skincare. I like to wear a natural organic highlighter or blush and maybe a lip balm or stain. I like to curl my eyelashes and brush up my eyebrows with a clear gel, but other than that, makeup isn't part of my everyday life. For me, personally, I feel more confident not wearing makeup," says Meadow Walker.

The High Performance Face Cream is Meadow's favorite for clear and radiant skin - packed with peptides, DNA repair, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids, it is the key to glowing runway-ready looks. Get the clear beautiful skin of Meadow Walker with MACRENE actives