Dermatologist-Approved Sun and Blue Light Protection

Protect Your Skin From UV and Blue Light
UV radiation from sunlight and blue light emitted by your phone and computer may result in hyperpigmentation, age spots, and melasma. Blue light has high energy and therefore is able to penetrate deep into the skin. I caution my patients when using their devices because it is possible that excessive blue light exposure may be harmful to skin, says Dr. Macrene.
Dermatologist-Recommended Protection
1. Reapply your sunscreen every two hours. “Sunscreens are deactivated in two hours, or they rub off,” says Dr. Macrene, “therefore, you need to reapply it every two hours.”
2. If you’re acne-prone, choose an oil-free sunscreen.
3. If you are searching for a sunscreen to use while wearing makeup, Dr. Macrene recommends mixing the sunscreen with the High Performance Tinted Moisturizer. “I recommend mixing an SPF 100 with my High Performance Tinted Moisturizer, which contains titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, and iron oxides. Combining the two products results in a luxurious, non-ashy, physical sunscreen with SPF 50.”
Dr. Macrene using the High Performance Tinted Moisturizer and Concealer in shade Light.
Titanium dioxide, Zinc oxide, and Iron oxides.
Peptides, Hyaluronic Acid Mix, and Proline reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
Coffee Seed Extract, Feverfew Extract, Yerba Mate Tea Extract, and Cacao Extract soothe the skin and treat red blotches
Silybum marianum (Milk Thistle), Glycerin, non-GMO Lecithin, Phosphatidylcholine, Phospholipids, and Sodium Lactate work to hydrate the skin
Mica and talc, two ingredients that Dr. Macrene finds can cause breakouts. In addition, mica is not ethically sourced as it has been mined by underage children and talc has been linked to ovarian cancer.
Ayla Beauty’s makeup artist, Melissa McMillan, tested the High Performance Tinted Moisturizer for a few months and loved how it performed on her own oily, acne-prone skin: “It has a beautiful velvety finish and good coverage that builds very well. This would be a perfect foundation for anyone oily, and it wears well throughout the day.”
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