Ask Dr. Macrene:How to Care for Lips?

Lip Filler Treatment
Why is it important to give your lips TLC?
Like every other part of your skin, your lips require care. Sun exposure, wind, exposure to toxins, and other stressors can damage the lips. This means you need to attend to them on a daily basis, protect them and nourish them.
What kind of "stressors" are lips prone to?
Due to the elements described above, the sealant of the lips will break causing chapping, inflammation, redness, and peeling. 
What can a lip treatment do, as compared to a lip balm? 
A lip balm simply covers the lip; it doesn’t provide any nourishing ingredients
My lip treatment provides ingredients which address damage due to the elements, heal the chap, and provide Actives that plump and nourish the lips.
What is the biggest difference?
Biggest difference is that the balm only covers and protects where as a treatment not only covers and protects but also rejuvenates, repairs and nourishes.
What kinds of lip treatments are out there to choose from?
When I formulated the MACRENE actives lip filler treatment, there was nothing like it on the market and to this day nothing compares. I had a genius moment of micro encapsulating hyaluronic acid so as to inject hyaluronic acid into the lips needle free! Next I added peptides because the lip is not only made up of hyaluronic acid it is also made up of collagen. I also included ceramides having noted that topical ceramides are the best for healing chapped or inflamed lips. Either donated at 20 essential oils that are known to be medicinal and lip therapeutic.
What do you recommend people look for in a lip treatment product?
It is very important that the product be toxin free and organic. Think about whatever you’re putting on your lips you’re actually ingesting! Macrene Actives is made with organic ingredients that are plant-based and toxin free exemplifying my quest in clean beauty. It is also packaged in glass no plastic so you are not exposed to and ingesting toxic bisphenols!