Ask Dr. Macrene:What Was Your Motivation to Pursue Dermatology?

The inspiration behind the doctor scientist clean beauty pioneer: Dr. Macrene parlayed decades of research in 'clean' medical science, rising to the top in hands-on clinical care of the most celebrated skin as a practicing dermatologist, and developed the most in-demand skincare, sought-after by celebrities, doctors, and industry insiders alike. Her groundbreaking work in using CLEAN, plant-derived active ingredients is designed and proven to replace cosmetic procedures.
Hear how Dr. Macrene's 20+ years of industry-changing work has culminated in clinically proven MACRENE actives.
Why Choose Doctor Formulated Skincare?
Dr. Macrene is considered a ‘doctor’s doctor' by her peers. She has spent the last two decades in clinical practice, mastering all the medical cosmetic and surgical treatment options for the most common dermatologic concerns and conditions. Dr. Macrene identifies active ingredients in her own farm and lab to target each of these conditions and translates the effects of injectables and lasers into skincare, effectively replacing cosmetic procedures with topical active ingredients in MACRENE actives.
"If people start using MACRENE actives early enough, the goal is to replace cosmetic procedures. My patients who started in their 20s have not needed to do botulinum toxin fillers or lasers. it is quite possible that they will not need to do any of these procedures because their skin will simply not age," says Dr. Macrene. "However, for those who started later and have already accumulated damage to the skin, my judicious use of cosmetic procedures will get them to where they need to be so they can maintain with MACRENE actives."