Ask Dr Macrene:What Is Clean Beauty?

The world-renowned dermatologist, scientist, laser expert and Clean Beauty Authority™ Dr. Macrene went live to define “Clean Beauty.” Watch her video below to find out what toxic ingredients are found in your everyday beauty products, and the extensive research behind what makes MACRENE actives the cleanest and most scientifically active clean beauty brand. ⁣⁣
The Clean Beauty Authority™
Dr. Macrene Alexiades MD PhD devoted her life from age 12 to pioneering non-toxic agricultural methods and built a body of work that defined clean beauty for the skincare industry. In her manuscript (read Dr. Macrene's Clean Beauty), she classifies and details the unclean ingredient categories and packaging and manufacturing practices to be eliminated in order to claim clean beauty status, which earned her the title of The Clean Beauty Authority™.
Dr. Macrene founded an organic botanical farm in the Hudson Valley for MACRENE actives where she nurtures toxin-free agricultural status and protected wetlands. Dr. Macrene herself has planted 50 or so varieties which resprout and flourish each year and foster honeybees and butterflies. Dr. Macrene believes in growing what is meant to grow naturally without irrigation or protection in the native soil and environment. The organic crops grow back stronger and fuller each year with natural rainwater and without any fertilizers or pesticides whatsoever. Dr. Macrene believes in completely natural, wild botanicals and ecosystems.
A Star Example of Clean Beauty
Each MACRENE actives skincare product is the cleanest luxury one-step solution delivering over 50 active ingredients, many sourced from Dr. Macrene's own organic farm and formulated in her own lab, in a non-toxic formula and glass packaging, recycled paperboard and vegetal inks, unlike any other product on the market today–that covers all your skin needs. 
A star of the line, the High Performance Serum, is packed with 55 clinically efficacious plant-derived ingredients in one bottle. The clean formula harnesses watermelon extract to counteract DNA damage, pomegranate and green tea for superior antioxidant protection, feverfew, yerba mate and coffee seed to help diminish redness, and amino acids to reduce brown spots. Red algae turns back skin’s clock, protecting the telomeres, which govern cell longevity. Our customers say they see real results every time they use the serum and cannot live without it!