Happy New Year

Dr. Macrene strives to make your 2022 healthier and more enjoyable and the earth sustainable with clean, effective, toxin-free skincare.
"In my practice as a dermatologist, in my organic farm & lab, and as the founder of clean beauty skincare line MACRENE actives, I am committed to addressing toxic exposure from skincare, particularly topical products that are applied to our biggest organ – skin." —Dr. Macrene
Dr. Macrene spends her holiday on the MACRENE actives farm harvesting many winter medicinal herbs to extract for MACRENE activesIn her quest to raise the bar in clean skincare, she returned land in the Hudson Valley to an agricultural use and protected wetlands, and has planted all of the 50 different varieties of medicinal plants with her own hands. The organic crops grow back stronger and fuller each year with natural rainwater and without any fertilizers or pesticides whatsoever.
While Dr. Macrene has planted many varieties, the over 50 varieties that resprout each year are the ones she studies and utilizes in her tinted moisturizer formulation. The tinted moisturizer contains potent actives that are extracted from the medicinal plants from the organic farm, including a suite of peptides to address fine lines and wrinkles, amino acids to address hyperpigmentation, and squalane and sunflower to moisturize and maintain a healthy skin barrier. In addition, Dr. Macrene also added Nobel Prize winning technology and DNA-repairing ingredients to support the skin’s ability to restore and protect itself. All of this in a clean formula that provides flawless, natural coverage.
Toxin-Free Tinted Moisturizer New Launch 6 Shades
We just launched our 6 shades of the award-winning High Performance Tinted Moisturizer! A third-party clinical lab found that the High Performance Tinted Moisturizer permanently reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and brown and red discolorations through its delivery of peptides, hyaluronic acid, DNA repair, antioxidants and brighteners, while offering natural sunscreens including zinc, titanium and iron oxides.