Giving Thanks from MACRENE actives Organic Farm

From the entire MACRENE actives team, we thank you for your trust in us over the past year. In my quest as a physician-scientist to harness plant science and discover new clean active ingredients, I obtained farmland and returned it to an agricultural property and protected wetlands. My farm produces organic botanical crops for the brand, while also serving as a toxin-free natural wildlife haven in the Hudson Valley. I harvest my medicinal botanicals, make extracts in my lab, and then test them out in my research dermatology clinic for a 360 approach to skincare. Ultimately, my goal is to replace cosmetic procedures with MACRENE actives.
Our clean, green and cruelty-free brand maintains the highest standards in sustainable production, from ingredient cultivation and formulation to manufacturing and packaging. Each MACRENE actives product is vegan and silicone-, paraben-, sulfate- and phthalate-free, formulated with over 55 organic power actives in glass packaging, dedicated to safety and efficacy. You can trust that you are using the world's cleanest skincare products.