Ask Dr.Macrene:Does the High Performance Cream Moisturize Overnight?

When I use the High Performance Face Cream at night, I wake up feeling like there is still a film of moisturizer on my face. I don't normally wash my face in the morning because it tends to dry out my skin, but I feel like I should wash the nighttime moisturizer off before I reapply for the day so my skin does not get congested. What would you recommend?

The regular and extra rich creams are designed to provide barrier repair, which is essential fatty acids that bind to the skin as well as liposomes to deliver active ingredients into the skin. These key ingredients protect your skin from the outside world and keep it from the barrage of insults that eventuate in skin aging. Just wash with lukewarm water in the morning, pat dry, then reapply and the creams will protect your skin from toxins, pollutants, UV, and damage due to physical exposures.


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