Ask Dr. Macrene:What sets this product line apart from...

What sets this product line apart from more affordable plant-based options on the market?

It is easy to mix together 5 plant oils and have a natural or organic product. However, while such a product would be fine as a salad dressing, it does not equate to scientific efficacy. In order for a product to be scientifically proven, each ingredient needs to come from a source lab that has invested in the R&D to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of the ingredient for specified claims. In MACRENE Actives, each and every active has been characterized, tested, and demonstrated to be first-in-class for a given type of ingredient and for a given benefit to skin health. The highest quality, purity and potency actives are expensive to source and manufacture; compound this with the complex, patented formulation of MACRENE Actives and you have an incredibly effective product that costs a premium. 


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