What Is in Dr. Macrene’s Travel Beauty Bag?

Traveling can be a nightmare for your skin. From moisturizer to serum to lip treatment, Dr. Macrene reveals the top beauty products she won't get on a plane without and shares how to apply them with maximum efficacy. Watch the video below to find out the secret that keeps her skin healthy and glowing on vacation.
Going to your happy place this summer? Bring the full MACRENE actives routine with you so you have Dr. Macrene's actives to back up your skin and withstand the irritations caused by changing air—especially if you have highly reactive skin. Perfectly sized and portable for the trip you've been longing for!
Take A Moment for Selfcare

“This pandemic has made me take an introspective look at my life,” says Dr. Macrene. “I love New York City, a cultural capital and intellectual stimulant. I am passionate for what I do, the people I see, and the challenge of reaching ever-higher achievement. At the same time, I need balance and have always cherished an escape to recharge – be it a return to my native Greek island over the summer or my farm in Rhinebeck."

We hope the MACRENE actives routine helps you find a few moments of peace and self-care wherever you go, it recharges your skin with the cleanest ingredients and the most cutting-edge formula after long days and trips. Have a great weekend! 💚