What Causes Aging of Lips?

Smokers Lines

Smoking causes severe wrinkles on the upper and lower lips. Smoking generates toxins which damage the skin structures and contribute to premature aging. As soon as you stop smoking, your body can start to heal itself so it is never too late to kick the habit!

Look for a lip treatment containing rejuvenative properties such as Tsubaki oil and Rosemary extract in MACRENE actives lip filler. 


Solar Damage

UV rays are the primary cause of premature skin aging in most people. The delicate epithelium of the lip is particularly prone to burns and damage especially since sunscreen does not stay put in this location.

Dr. Macrene's Tip: Reverse sun damage with Echium plantagineum seed oil and Goldenroot extract as in the High Performance Lip Filler. If you’re spending time outside and your lip moisturizer doesn’t contain sunscreen, follow up with an SPF 30+ lip balm.



Chapped lips are typically due to environmental exposures, including saliva (licking your lips), spicy foods, and cold, dry weather.

Dr. Macrene's Tip: Stop licking your lips and apply a lip treatment twice a day. An effective lip treatment should contain a mix of nourishing ingredients that are mucosal therapeutic. Dr. Macrene formulated her High Performance Lip Filler intelligently with coconut oil, shea butter, peptides and ceramides. Prescription grade, MACRENE actives lip treatment helps to heal and smooth chapped lips while simultaneously filling and plumping to reduce lip wrinkles and achieve injection-free plushness.


A Lip Filler and An Age Fighter


You'll love how the High Performance Lip Filler makes your lips look. Plump, moisturize, and fight against free radical damage while boosting lip thickness. 

 Microencapsulated Hyaluronic Acid - plump lips over time without needles

Ceramides, Shea Butter, Squalane - Heal and seal chapped lips

Peppermint Oil, Spearmint Oil - Keep lips smelling minty fresh