The Science of Beauty Sleep

Sleep Your Way to Better Skin
While we sleep, our body, brain and skin regenerate and rejuvenate; blood flow increases to produce more collagen and growth hormones (hGH). “Growth hormones, released both at the beginning and during the late stages of sleep, are responsible for these beautifying effects,” says Dr. Macrene. “Specifically, this growth hormone aids in the stimulation of skin cell production, collagen synthesis and a decrease in protein breakdown. In other words, it is the surge of growth hormones that stimulates skin repair during the night.”
Restful sleep is one of the most effective actions you can take to reset your brain and body health. Dr. Macrene shares key actions that can maximize the physiological effects of your beauty sleep and help you sleep better.


We need darkness at night-time to release another hormone called Melatonin. Try to dim down some of the lights in your house and stay away from digital devices an hour before you go to bed.


We need to drop our core body temperature by about two to three degrees to fall asleep and stay asleep. This is why you will always find it easier to fall asleep in a room that is a little bit cold rather than too hot.

A Winddown Routine

Establish a winddown routine before you go into bed. Do anything that can become a routine or ritual to relax you; skincare, meditation, reading a book or having a hot bath or shower.

Dr. Macrene shares her nighttime skincare routine and favorite product for beautiful glowing skin overnight — High Performance Face Serum

Dr. Macrene's Bedside Beauty Essentials

1. "I always have my incense crystals, my lavender oil, and my silk eye mask in case my son is up late. Sometimes I keep a bouquet of fresh flowers beside me if it’s a scent I desire. I believe in aromatherapy, and you witness beautiful dreams if you smell beautiful essential oils or flowers. Finally, I have an air-filter device by my bedside that I use sporadically; it is essential when you have animals in the home and to keep the air free of any mold spores or particles."
2. Your skin is highly reactant to products and absorbs whatever you apply before bed. Dr. Macrene sourced and incorporated the world's best active ingredients in her skincare regimen to get supple, healthy, and radiant skin: “At night, I wash my face with the MACRENE actives High Performance Cleanser and apply my High Performance Face Cream, Serum, Lip Filler, and Neck and Decolletage Treatment. The patients in my practice who have gotten the best results and have the most beautiful skin are hands down the ones who religiously apply MACRENE actives hero cream twice a day every day. After my nighttime skincare regimen, I sleep on high-count cotton pillowcases with drops of lavender for good dreams."