Sienna Miller's Beauty Serum

"Dr. Macrene does a really great serum that I absolutely love. She makes this serum with 45 actives and it is the only skincare I use." Sienna shares her skincare routine with Vanity Fair.
Model and actress Sienna Miller relies on her dermatologist Dr. Macrene for a beauty boost before events and MACRENE actives on day-to-day keep her looking fabulous.
Sienna is known for her perfectly polished, radiant glowing golden complexion that looks sun-kissed even without makeup. Her beauty rules are simple; she exclusively uses MACRENE actives nourishing, natural and effective skincare. She stopped by Dr. Macrene's office yesterday to tell us how much she loves the High Performance Serum. "The results are obvious, it clears all my brown spots!" Sienna said.
Dr. Macrene's High Performance Serum is a powerful brightening and firming serum that has been proven to lift, smooth skin texture, reduce discolorations and even the skin tone. Peptides and micro-encapsulated hyaluronic acids are combined with organic plant-derived ingredients such as vitamin C, glucosamine, ergothioneine, arginine and amino acids.
The formula is also known for its plant-derived DNA-repairing molecules, which work to "fight off the damage due to the barrage of ultraviolet rays over time," says Dr. Macrene. The DNA repair science has won a Nobel Prize for its implications beyond just reducing fine lines and wrinkles. 
To understand the changes in our skin over time, Dr. Macrene explains, “DNA mutations due to environmental exposures cause brown spots, red discolorations, wrinkles, and the pre-cancerous changes that ultimately cause skin cancer. Such changes can be targeted using topical DNA repairing molecules on a daily basis," says Dr. Macrene, the Derm-Scientist®. "My approach is to repair the skin so that it is restored and remains healthy for the duration of your lifetime.” 
Dr. Macrene recommends cleansing with the High Performance Cleanser, followed by the High Performance Face Cream, and then the High Performance Serum to seal in actives for optimal results.