Real Reviews from Real People:“Miracle Lip Product”!

"Thank you for products that truly are the gold standard in skincare."
Honest, truly unbiased reviews from our beloved customers. ❤️
"I didn’t know what to expect. I was impressed by other Macrene Actives products I was using; but my lips were cracked, continuously sore, and dry no matter which highly recommended lip balm or treatment I tried. Fine lines and wrinkles were developing and claiming permanent residence. Many clean, highly active ingredients I tried in the past just irritated and inflamed my already reactive skin. So I was apprehensive about trying one more lip treatment. But, honestly, I was desperate; so I researched the Lip Filler, read reviews, and took the leap. After six weeks’ of twice daily use, I can honestly say it is exceptional and has exceeded my expectations. My lips are fully recovered from this winter’s devastation. It does everything it purports to do. Best of all, it does not irritate nor dry out my lips. It is healing, nourishing, moisturizing, and plumping. Cracks at the corners of my mouth have healed completely. I no longer have flaking skin or dry, sensitive patches. Fine lines and wrinkles are disappearing, something I did not expect from any topical treatment. This multitasking miracle worker is a lifesaver for dry, chapped, irritated lips. It is worth every penny, and will always be a staple in my routine. I depend on it, and trust Macrene Actives. Thank you for products that truly are the gold standard in skincare." —Janet C.