Nicky Hilton's Sold Out Cleanser Fall Fave is Back in Stock

"One of my fall faves would be MACRENE actives High Performance Cleanser. During the colder months, I like to switch to a milky cleanser because foam cleansers can be quite dehydrating. It's just a great cleanser that firms, tones, smooths. Love it!" Nicky tells Town & Country.
Our Celebrity-Pick High Performance Cleanser contains three vitamin Bs, including medical-grade niacinamide and biotin, to clear blemishes, antioxidants to reduce stress and redness, and hydrating plant-derived surfactants to leave the clean yet moist.
Formulated with plant-derived USDA organically grown ingredients, our cleanser is free of sulfates, EDTA, triclosan or glycols, which is good for the environment and our health.
"It is creamy yet foams as much or as little as you desire, ensuring everyone loves it. Gentle as they come, it can be used for makeup removal. With a plant peptide that locks in hydration, unlike other cleansers, my cleanser will not leave you dry but instead maintain hydration. I believe it is the best and most effective cleansing system on the market that benefits all skin types and skin concerns," says Dr. Macrene.
Nicky's Cleansing Routine:
"I take my makeup off with Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes and then wash my face with the MACRENE actives High Performance Cleanser, which is really good at getting any extra makeup off. It’s milky and very hydrating." —Nicky Hilton
Dr. Macrene's Cleansing Tips
How to Use the High Performance Cleanser
Apply the High Performance Cleanser to damp skin with clean hands, lather gently, and rinse with lukewarm water (never too hot or too cold!). Pat dry and while the skin is still damp, apply the High Performance Face Cream immediately to seal in moisture.
Don't Over-Cleanse
Washing your face 2-3 times a day is healthy, but over-cleansing will disrupt the natural barrier and can exacerbate conditions such as acne and rosacea.
Exfoliation Tips
Acids and buffing agents are intended to smooth skin by removing dead skin cells, but exfoliate too often and you run the risk of stripping and drying out the new layer. Over time, this will weaken the skin's natural barrier.
The High Performance Cleanser is a cleansing treatment that cleanses while it treats, providing your skin with over 20 plant actives.
Thank you to those who pre-ordered and patiently waited for the cleanser to come back in stock. Our products are made with the world's clean, organically grown and ethically sourced actives, a small batch at a time.