Nicky Hilton MACRENE Beauty:Sister Paris's Dream Wedding

Nicky delivered some truly memorable maid of honor looks for each of Paris Hilton's wedding events, which spanned 72 hours of non-stop celebrations. ​Get the routine behind her 72 hour lasting glow:
Nicky Hilton Rothschild brought her impeccable Dr. Macrene beauty look and MACRENE actives secrets to sister Paris Hilton's wedding weekend. Dr. Macrene gifted Paris her beloved MACRENE actives Experience Set to help the bride prepare for her fairy tale day!
"I wash my face with the MACRENE actives High Performance Cleanser. It’s milky and very hydrating, it's one of my favorite products in my Mary Poppins' makeup bag," Nicky shares. The cleanser contains three vitamin Bs, including medical-grade niacinamide and biotin, to clear blemishes, antioxidants to reduce stress and redness, and hydrating plant-derived surfactants to leave the clean yet moist. The aloe and olive leaf extracts will restore suppleness to the skin and make sure all products apply after go on smoothly without patches.
Next apply the glowing secret — Dr. Macrene's High Performance Serum. Loved by Nicky, this serum eliminates dullness and tiredness, leaving skin extra bright for a wedding or red carpet glow. Formulated with potent brightening actives including peptides, microencapsulated hyaluronic acids, vitamin C, coffee seed extract, cocoa seed extract and glucosamine, ​you will notice a change in the overall radiance of your skin immediately after application. The serum will help lift any dark marks or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, making sure you’re a clear, super-watt light bulb for the wedding.