Make Your Beauty Routine Eco-Sustainable

MACRENE actives helps you celebrate Earth Day: Adopt our eco-sustainable beauty routine that'll not only keep your skin but also our planet healthy.
Plastic packaging may leech harmful chemicals into your product, your skin and the environment. The harmful forever chemicals were recently discovered to have reached Mount Everest! 
MACRENE actives has started a movement in the beauty industry to replace all plastic with glass.
"Bisphenols were banned as ingredients in cosmetic formulations in 2006, but are used as a coating material in plastic packaging, where they serve as an anti-corrosive," says Dr. Macrene. "The estrogen-mimicking effects of bisphenols have been established to lead to cancer of the breast, ovary and prostate. For this reason and more, plastic containers may release these carcinogenic ingredients into skincare."
The One Step Skincare Solution® means all your skincare needs are met with a single MACRENE actives product. Our 50 actives per pot or bottle not only reduce wasteful packaging, they prevent the need to layer on products from other brands that are full of toxic preservatives exceeding your daily allowable limit. Stay safe, sustainable and healthy with our plant-based one step solution.
You don’t have to use layers of products to get all the ingredients your skin needs. Dr. Macrene puts over 50 active ingredients The One Step Skincare Solution®— High Performance Face Cream. An ideal day and night cream that targets wrinkles, dryness, and dark spots. This face cream can also be used as an eye cream to reduce puffiness and undereye circles.
MACRENE actives cleanser is formulated with plant-derived surfactants—free of the toxic SDS/SLS/sulfates known to harm the environment—and provides 20 active plant-derived organic ingredients to keep your skin blemish-free, nourished and hydrated. With its functional actives, our cleanser means you shouldn’t have to double cleanse. Dr. Macrene's High Performance Cleanser removes makeup without disturbing the skin’s natural microbiome and pH. Ultimately, double cleansing is fine as long as you are using gentle products, but not necessary every day.

Our Commitment:
Zero-Waste Beauty Routine

MACRENE actives is designed to replace cosmetic procedures with the finest, cleanest, and most scientifically active ingredients. We are committed to the environment and to creating and maintaining practices that benefit your skin, and our planet. Here is how we've been doing it.

Eco-Sustainable Packaging: all MACRENE actives products are packaged in recyclable glass, uncoated paper board, and printed with vegetal biodegradable inks. Our Mother of Pearl spatulas are cut from recycled shells and manufactured in Cebu, an island that has approximately 90% unemployment due to COVID. We help feed the orphanage and unemployed families by ethically sourcing and ordering from them.

Raw Ingredients: many of the 50 organic actives in each product are discovered and sourced on Dr. Macrene's organic farm in upstate New York. All ingredients are ethically sourced and many are certified organic by USDA or Third Party in EU.

Dr. Macrene extracting medicinal botanical Foxglove at her organic farm to isolate active ingredients for future formulations of MACRENE actives.

Toxin-Free: MACRENE actives skincare is proudly vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free and non-GMO. Free from parabens, plastics, phthalates, sulfates, acrylates, glycols, fragrance.

 Animal-Free: NO animal or human-derived ingredients and NO animal testing. 

Charity & Philanthropy: Dr. Macrene and MACRENE actives donate at least 10% of profits to charities. These include research and education at Harvard University and the NAACP.