Liberate Your Beauty:Luxury Mini Face Cream

A day in the dermatology and laser clinic, Dr. Macrene Alexiades, MD PhD, Derm-Scientist and pioneer of cosmetic procedures and author of the textbook, COSMETIC DERMATOLOGIC SURGERY is busy translating the effects of cosmetic procedures into active ingredients. At the MACRENE actives organic farm, Dr. Macrene grows the organic botanicals from which she extracts plant-derived actives that provide nutrition and medicinal therapy to the skin and bottles them into MACRENE actives so you get over 50 of the world’s cleanest scientifically active ingredients in one jar — the High Performance Face Cream.
Dr. Macrene and Zeus on the MACRENE actives organic farm. 💚
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"Lives up to the reputation, worthy of the price"

"This cream is incredibly impressive. I can’t believe how efficacious it is. I have oily skin and have never found a cream or moisturizer suitable for my skin—until now. Expensive, but a little goes quite a long way and results are almost immediate." —Ian S.