How to Live a Blue Zone Lifestyle

Dr. Macrene shares with GOOP the six simple steps to living a healthy, Blue Zone-influenced lifestyle. 💙
1. Natural Exercise
People in Blue Zones enjoy natural exercise by walking up and down rocky hills or pulling fishing nets from the sea. "I mimic a Blue Zone life as best I can by working hard in my Manhattan or Hamptons offices helping heal people all week and then spending time tilling the soil and planting botanicals on my farm on the weekends," says Dr. Macrene.
2. Beauty Sleep
"My father is living proof that beauty sleep really works. After observing how good he would look after a night of eight hours sleep, I studied this phenomenon and found that the release of growth hormone depends on sleep quality, hence the need to get those eight hours in order to have that good-night’s-rest beautiful skin in the morning."
3. Avoid Toxins
Dr. Macrene began her research in finding nontoxic plant-based alternatives to pesticides at the age of twelve. "My expertise as a plant scientist, geneticist, and dermatologist helped me identify scientifically proven plant active ingredients to keep the skin (and me) looking young as I developed MACRENE actives. I have included powerful antioxidants and peptides in my formulas with the idea that we can assist your genetics a little and help protect your skin against environmental aggressors.”
Dr. Macrene harvesting organic Milk Thistle on her organic farm to isolate new active ingredients for MACRENE actives.

4. Diet

"An organic, mainly plant-based diet (with a treat here and there) makes a huge difference, along with getting natural exercise."

5. Shades and SPF

To protect her skin from UV rays, Dr. Macrene uses the High Performance Tinted Moisturizer, which contains natural UV reflectors such as titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, and iron oxides. Besides using the Tinted Moisturizer, Dr. Macrene also recommends using sun-protective clothing to minimize midday sun exposure as much as possible.

6. Skincare Makes a Major Difference

Dr. Macrene is a believer in plant-based scientifically active skincare. "My theory—that I could replace cosmetic procedures with active ingredients from plants—has helped keep my own skin, and that of my patients and customers, youthful and looking its best. So while I may not always get eight hours of sleep with all the academic and patient care work I do, every morning, I wash with lukewarm water and while my skin is still damp, apply my MACRENE actives cream that has superhydrators like olive oil, purslane, and hyaluronic acid, research-backed peptides, red and blue algae, and powerful antioxidants."