How to Fade Dark Spots

Dr. Macrene helps restore model Nikki McGuire's beauty by treating blemishes with in-office treatments and  MACRENE actives as post-procedure maintenance.
Brown Spot Prevention
Dark spots occur when melanin and skin breakdown components due to sun damage accumulate in the skin. To prevent dark spots, Dr. Macrene recommends using sun avoidance, sun-protective clothing, and SPF or sun protection products with physical blockers and natural reflectors, such as the High Performance Tinted Moisturizer and Concealer. You can find many SPF products on the market, but before you choose a product, it is important to know that some may be benzene contaminated. Read more from Dr. Macrene: Benzene Contamination Discovered in Sunscreens
Brown Spot Treatment
While some brown discolorations, such as the marks from acne blemishes, may fade with time,  sun spots may last forever. In either case, skin-lightening products may help expedite the fading of brown spots. When choosing a skin-brightener, look for a product that contains amino acids, glucosamine, ergothioneine or Vitamin C. "Prescription lightening products such as hydroquinone can help reduce brown spots, but I do not recommend this unless you have a condition called melasma," says Dr. Macrene. "In general, it's best to use amino acids and amino acid derivatives in skincare on a daily basis as a safe and effective long term brown spot fading reginen."
Daily Skincare
"To brighten skin tone, reduce the appearance of blemishes and improve skin quality, I formulated all MACRENE actives products with a large, highly effective and scientifically proven assortment of active ingredients. These include peptides, microencapsulated hyaluronic acid, antioxidants such as resveratrol and superoxide dismutase, DNA repair and amino acids that address all facets of skincare, skin quality and skin aging. Such a plethora of modern cutting edge actives make retinol seem like old hat compared to the natural skin rejuvenators we have at our disposal today," says Dr. Macrene. The High Performance Face Cream and Serum are powerful brightening skincare products that have been proven to lift, firm, even skin tone and reduce the appearance of brown discolorations with organic plant-derived ingredients such as vitamin C, glucosamine, ergothioneine, arginine and amino acids. Use twice daily for a minimum of 4 weeks and you'll see visible skin improvement that has been proven in clinical studies!