How Dr. Macrene Gets Brooke Shield's Skin Camera Ready

Dr. Macrene worked with Brooke Shields to get her skin ready for her wonderful holiday film, A Castle for Christmas. It's a heartwarming enemies-to-lovers story about self-discovery, starting over and finding love. 
Brooke took on the role for personal reasons. "I was just so attracted to how strong this woman was. She's a great mom, has a full career and yet she's asking herself: 'What now?' 'What's going to happen next?' " 
Like her character, Brooke can identify with having had a long, successful career, and Dr. Macrene has been a strong partner in her journey, keeping her skin vibrant and healthy so she can pursue the roles and accomplishments she craves at every stage of her life.
"Stopped by the MACRENE actives office for a glow up from Dr. Macrene. Giving my skin some much-needed post-summer TLC gearing up for 'A Castle for Christmas' press!✨" —Brooke Shields
Brooke Shields visited Dr. Macrene‘s dermatology office to get her treatments before the film started shooting and for her press events. Dr. Macrene’s safe and effective laser treatments remove sun damage and restore her natural beauty with no downtime.
Brooke Shield's Skincare Routine
"I feel stronger and sexier now in my own skin," shares Brooke. “I’ve reached this point in my life where I’ve stopped compromising on what I deserve. That’s why I’m absolutely obsessed with MACRENE actives — it’s the most effective, glow-inducing and powerful skincare I’ve ever used, without compromising on safety or sustainability."
Brooke is particularly obsessed with the High Performance Tinted Moisturizer, a tinted serum enriched with 45 active ingredients that make her look "dewy and fresh-faced"!
 A Castle for Christmas. This 2021 film follows Sophie Brown (Brooke Shields), a best-selling author who travels to Scotland to escape cancel culture and her messy divorce. She hopes to buy a small castle of her own during Christmas time, but the prickly owner Myles (Cary Elwes) is reluctant to sell to a foreigner. The scenery and music are simply magical. This film is a must-see for the holiday season! 🎄