High Performance Face Serum:Cosmetic Dermatology Level Results

Skeptical about skincare and still say you can only fight wrinkles with cosmetic procedures? Dr. Macrene, the world expert who wrote the textbook, Alexiades's Cosmetic Dermatologic Surgery, spent 25 years innovating laser and injectable procedures and characterizing their impact on skin only to then convert these procedures into active ingredients in skincare.
"There was no reason that I could not translate these procedures into active ingredients to mimic the very same effects on skin."Dr. Macrene.
In formulating the MACRENE actives High Performance Serum, Dr. Macrene incorporated over 55 potent firming and brightening ingredients to yield the results of injectables and devices. If you are already using the One-Step Skincare Solution® High Performance Face Cream, apply this magic serum on top twice daily, and your skin will be fully treated with over 100 actives to replace cosmetic procedures.
Wrinkles and Fine Lines
Dr. Macrene's serum is the strongest skin-firming product of the line. It is infused with microencapsulated hyaluronic acids to plump and hydrate, peptides to boost elasticity, amino acids to brighten, watermelon extract to restore DNA, red algae to target telomerases, and pomegranate and green tea for superior antioxidant protection, among over 55 actives in this single bottle. Twice daily use of the serum has shown remarkable results firming, clarifying and improving skin quality from the forehead and nasolabial folds to the jawline and underneath the chin. “You’re really getting fantastic control over every aspect of skin health,” says Dr. Macrene.
Undereye Circles and Puffiness
“Around the eyes is where it really shines,” Dr. Macrene highlights the serum's efficacy in helping prevent and improve the appearance of crepe and hooding, two issues most commonly treated with surgery. Dr. Macrene formulated the High Performance Face Serum with actives that target puffiness and dark circles such as natural caffeine, extracts of coffee, tea and cacao, as well as vitamin C and resveratrol. These actives work to diminish the appearance of dark circles and to help de-puff. Use twice a day every day for these effects.
Clinical Study Results
MACRENE actives was tested in clinical trials, using objective tools designed to quantitatively measure changes in the multiple categories of cosmetic skin aging at 4, 6, and 8 weeks of daily use. ​The serum raised skin’s firmness by 8.5% after 4 weeks of use and reduced wrinkles by 17% after 8 weeks of use. “Finally, a treatment that actually delivered on its promises,” one tester raved.
Dr. Macrene' Pro Tip
"For extra depuffing, keep your MACRENE actives refrigerated & apply as an extra-soothing eye treatment. The cold helps constrict vessels to immediately reduce under-eye swelling, while our natural sources of caffeine, aminophylline and theobromine help constrict the appearance of dilated capillaries to reduce the appearance of dark circles. For the best care, apply the cream first followed by the serum to get over 100 active ingredients that boost skin quality, tone and elasticity of the eye area.” —Dr. Macrene.
"My dermatologist, Dr. Macrene Alexiades, has a really great serum that I’ve been using called the MACRENE actives High Performance Serum," Rebecca shares with Glamour. "I absolutely love how smooth and glowing my skin looks since I started using it, I'm a huge fan."