First Day of Summer...

Staying in?
Bring the office treatments home! Try Dr. Macrene's all-time MACRENE actives routine for 24/7 breathable, supple and glowy summer skin.
Out in the Sun?
Protect your skin from sun damage and skin cancer with Dr. Macrene's talc-free and mica-free tinted moisturizer. It repairs UV damage with a comprehensive and healthy mix of physical UV blockers like zinc oxide, titanium oxide and iron oxides, as well as a highly effective mix of DNA repair ingredients like extracts of plankton, alga, micrococcus and Arabidopsis.
Bon Voyage!
Going to your happy place this summer? Bring the full MACRENE actives routine with you so you have Dr. Macrene's actives to back up your skin and withstand the irritations cause by changing air—especially if you have highly reactive skin. Perfectly sized and portable for the trip you've been longing for!
Have A Safe & Fun Summer! 👨‍🌾
Dr. Macrene is spending more time on the MACRENE actives farm this summer (planting lavender here)! Follow our Instagram @MACRENEactives to keep up with farm updates and skincare tips straight from Dr. Macrene!