Dr. Macrene's Expert Tips for Youthful Eyes

How to Apply Products to the Eye Area

Because skincare ingredients can irritate the eyes, Dr. Macrene cautions to be extra-careful when applying products around the eyes. You should apply skincare to the boney areas around the eyes but never directly to the eyelids. “You do not want it to get into the eyes, and the skin on your eyelid is only 80 microns thick, which means it is easy for ingredients to pass through onto the globe. Instead apply to the skin on your brow bone and beneath the eye to the bone, and the actives will diffuse gently,” says Dr. Macrene.

Take Sleep Seriously

The eyes suffer more than other areas due to incessant use of eyelid muscles throughout waking hours. Dark circles due to accumulation of dilated blood vessels contribute to a tired look. Sleep is the time for the skin to repair and restore. MACRENE actives provides the repair ingredients your skin needs to rejuvenate overnight and the actives to reduce the dark circles so you awaken fresh, less puffy, brighter and firmer.
Dr. Macrene's Pro Tip: "For visibly younger, brighter eyes, use the High Performance Face Serum, which is packed with potent antioxidants including natural caffeine, vitamin C, green tea and red algae extracts. These actives work to diminish the appearance of dark circles, fine lines, and puffiness." Then apply the High Performance Concealer under eye, which gives you another 45 actives and natural UV reflectors – titanium dioxide, zinc oxide and iron oxides. "These actives are proven to restore the skin insults caused by UV exposure and pollutants, which are core contributors to skin aging," says Dr. Macrene.

Invest in A Good Moisturizer

Boosting skin quality is the key to younger-looking eyes. As your skin around the eyes begins to lose its integrity, the skin becomes lax and wrinkles form. Look for moisturizers with microencapsulated hyaluronic acids and peptides that help improve your skin quality and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 
Dr. Macrene's Pro Tip: "I have addressed skin quality around the eye area through the use of numerous actives in MACRENE actives. Specifically, I have included peptides that have been documented to boost skin thickness and improve texture. I have also included a daily dose of microencapsulated hyaluronic acid, which penetrates to improve skin quality. Finally, I have included the cofactors such as proline and vitamin C to support the stimulation processes. By your 30s, you should apply the High Performance Face Cream or Serum twice a day, regularly. This will keep your skin levels stimulated so that you don’t need procedures."

Beauty Editors' Beauty Must: High Performance Face Cream

“Your face moisturizer has basically the same formulation and ingredients that you get in any eye cream,” says Dr. Macrene. “It can hydrate the delicate skin around your eyes and help treat fine lines just as well as it takes care of the same issues anywhere else on your face.”