Dr. Macrene Awarded New York Magazine Best Doctor

Congratulations to our founder Dr. Macrene Alexiades for being recognized as a Castle Connolly Top Doctor, Exceptional Women in Medicine, Best Doctor New York Metro. and New York Magazine's Best Doctors 2021!
"Over the past twenty years, I have worked tirelessly in medicine and science with a passion for making the earth and your skin more beautiful!" says Dr. Macrene.
With degrees in biology, medicine and genetics, a Fulbright in plant molecular biology and dual board certified in dermatology in the US and EU, Dr. Macrene is a world-renowned laser specialist and FDA clinical trial researcher who sees the most celebrated faces in her clinics on Park Avenue and the Hamptons.
MACRENE actives is the culmination of a lifetime of work to translate dermatologic procedures into topical active formulas. She harnessed the best science in clean formulations by using USDA certified organically grown plant actives in glass packaging free of harmful ingredients. The Top Doctor's House Call in a jar.
The Science Behind Dr. Macrene's Award Winning Face Cream
"When I was formulating back then, it was more clinical skincare, like peels or attacking pimples. Rip off the skin using heavy-duty retinols—that’s a clinical mindset that still dominates my industry today. What I’m trying to do is completely different. I want to understand the molecular underpinnings of skin aging and intervene with preventative means that are much more than antioxidants that ravage free radicals. DNA repair is the most interesting to me; they actually go into the skin and replace the damaged DNA and skin aging. So you don’t have to rip off the skin and do these wholesale rebooting; you could actually correct things as you go."—Dr. Macrene
The formulation of MACRENE actives was inspired by decades of Nobel Prize-winning work on DNA repair molecules that protect the skin from the damage that causes skin aging and skin cancer. This science was conducted by Dr. Thomas Lindahl, Paul Modrich, and Aziz Sancar, whose work was awarded the Nobel Prize in 2015. It is the basis for liposomal delivery of the marine and plant-derived actives in MACRENE actives. 
Always ahead of the field, Dr. Macrene recognized the genius of these discoveries, developed and patented MACRENE actives to deliver over 55 active ingredients, including peptides to target wrinkles, hyaluronic acid to promote plumpness, antioxidants for sun and pollution protection, algae and marine-derived ingredients for DNA repair, amino acids for brown spots, caffeine and feverfew for redness, and essential fatty acids for barrier repair. By combining these scientifically active and clinically proven ingredients with liposomal delivery that ensures stable delivery to the targeted skin layers, she has been able to recapitulate the results of cosmetic procedures to fully rejuvenate skin using topical active ingredients. 
"It is my belief that I have replaced cosmetic procedures with MACRENE actives. I can promise you if you use the High Performance Face Cream starting in your twenties, your skin will not age." says Dr. Macrene.