Don’t Fall For These Skin Myths

Myth #1: If it burns, it means it’s working.
Dr. Macrene: When it comes to skincare, a little tingling is normal, but burning is not. If your skin burns after applying a product, that may indicate you have sensitive skin or an allergy to one of the ingredients. If something feels off to you, remove it with a cool damp cloth right away. Remember, skincare doesn't need to hurt to work.
Myth #2: You need to layer products to get enough active ingredients.
Dr. Macrene: My patients and beauty editors who frequently visit my office found it impossible to keep up with the countless new skincare ingredients on the market and became worried about toxins. To layer products that can do everything would mean layering on toxic preservatives above the maximum allowable. It would also cost thousands of dollars and time in a day-to-day routine. That’s why I started my toxin-free one-step plant-based skincare line. There is no reason why you cannot get 50 active ingredients efficiently into the skin in one product. You can get the world's best anti-aging actives in my One-Step Skincare Solution® — High Performance Face Cream.
Myth #3: Washing your face with hot water will open up the pores for a better clean.
Dr. Macrene: One of the biggest mistakes is washing with hot water. This chronic use of hot water will result in redness and broken capillaries and ultimately make the pores larger. Water that is too hot or too cold will only shock and irritate the skin. Another big mistake women make with their skin is to rub the skin excessively after washing. You should pat dry gently and try not to disrupt your skin barrier after washing your skin with the High Performance Cleanser and lukewarm water. 
Celebrity Interior Designer Celerie Kemble:
"MACRENE actives Helps Me Turn Back the Clock!"⁣
Dr. Macrene's client, friend, and celebrity interior designer Celerie Kemble shares her MACRENE actives staples that keep her looking youthful and luminous!
“My eyes might not be working as well as they once were but my skin looks better than it did 10 years ago! I’m staring down another birthday and certainly going to raise a glass to Dr. Macrene and MACRENE actives! Thank you for helping me slow the clock and even turn it back!" —Celerie Kemble⁣
As a world-traveling designer and mom of three, Celerie is always on the go, so she has a simple two-step routine: Dr. Macrene's High Performance Face Cream to cover her bases and Serum for extra firming - SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE! 💛 ⁣