Brooke Shields Skin Rejuvenated By Dr. Macrene

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Brooke Shields never used sunscreen when she was younger, tanned regularly and didn’t consider the risk of skin cancer. After being diagnosed with solar keratosis precancer and developing sun damage and wrinkles, she decided to take better care of her skin and sought out Dr. Macrene, whom she knew to be the world-renowned skin expert.
Brooke chose Dr. Macrene as her dermatologist and has been seeing the gradual improvements in her skin! Dr. Macrene takes full care of Brooke, checking her skin for skin cancer, giving her topical treatment like MACRENE actives and treating her with lasers to fix severe post-summer skin damage and sunspots. After rejuvenating her patient’s skin, Dr. Macrene recommended maintaining results with MACRENE actives
Brooke Shields Is Obsessed With This Damage-Correcting Serum
Brooke Shields is obsessed with Dr. Macrene's High Performance Face Serum for its effectiveness in brightening and repairing the skin. She uses it twice a day to keep her skin youthful and rejuvenated. “It makes me look dewy and fresh-faced," says Brooke.
How Does the Serum Work?
Having spent the first half of her career pioneering lasers, Dr. Macrene devoted the second half of her career to replace the activity of lasers with topical delivery of active ingredients. With MACRENE actives she has formulated skincare that recapitulates the results of laser procedures using actives that penetrate and rejuvenate the skin.
“DNA mutations due to environmental exposures cause brown spots, red discolorations, wrinkles, and the pre-cancerous changes that ultimately cause skin cancer. Such changes can be targeted using topical DNA repairing molecules on a daily basis," explains Dr. Macrene, the Derm-Scientist®. "My MACRENE actives High Performance Serum is a powerful brightening serum that has been proven to even the skin tone and reduce brown discolorations with organic plant-derived ingredients such as vitamin C, glucosamine, ergothioneine, arginine and amino acids. My approach is to repair the skin so that it is restored and remains healthy for the duration of your lifetime.”