Ask Dr. Macrene:What Product Should Everyone Have In Their Skincare Routine?

The High Performance Face Cream is a One-Step Skincare Solution that nourishes your skin with 55 plant-derived active ingredients. This face cream instantly brings out the best in your skin, making it appear glowing and fresh. Formulated with the cleanest, most clinically efficacious ingredients, grown on Dr. Macrene's organic farm and produced in her own lab, The High Performance Face Cream is a must have in any skincare routine.
If you are looking to step up up your routine, Dr. Macrene uses the following routine to prep her skin for the day:
1. Cleanse with the High Performance Cleanser
2. Apply your High Performance Face Cream while skin is still damp
3. Add in the High Performance Face Serum in areas you want to focus on skin laxity
4. Apply the High Performance Eye Cream (to the bone!)
5. Don't forget your neck with the Neck & Décolletage Treatment!
6. Finish it off with the High Performance Tinted Moisturizer to cover while you treat!