Ask Dr. Macrene:What is Toner (and do you really need it)?

Skip the Toner, Just Cleanse & Lock In Moisture with Extra Rich! 

"A toner is an interim step that is used as an astringent to clean the skin. Typical ingredients include witch hazel, alcohol and salicylic acid that work by changing the proteins on the skin surface and forming a film. They cause the skin cells to shrink or dehydrate. This tight feel has been associated with a sense of cleanliness, but can also result in dry, irritated skin. I happen to not be a huge fan of toners, I find them to be a wasted step. I much rather you cleanse with a really good cleanser like the MACRENE Actives High Performance Cleanser and then move right into locking in moisture and delivering over 55 healthy ingredients into the skin with the Face Cream Extra Rich!"

-  Derm Scientist® Dr. Macrene


A toner may help re-balance the skin pH after cleansing or if you are using product that is not in the right pH range of the skin, and can work to dehydrate skin that is overly oily. Our High Performance Cleanser ensures the maintenance of a proper pH, while delivering healthy antioxidants, such as pomegranate, olive leaf and green tea; anti-blemish, such as niacinamide; and anti-sebum, such as biotin and mint extracts; while locking in hydration with panthenol, aloe and a organic plant peptides. Especially if followed by our High Performance Face Cream Extra Rich, you do not need to use a separate Toner which can dehydrate the skin, but rather build up the barrier to a beautiful luster!