Ask Dr. Macrene:What Are The Key Ingredients in the Skyros Line?

Dr. Macrene's newest formulas are the first to harness the power of Grecian Medicinal Botanicals bringing the potent anti-aging properties that she has bottled in her face creams to products for the body skin.
🌿 Grecian Botanical Rejuvenators
Organic Extracts of Wild Eλιά (Olive) Leaf, Pόδι (Pomegranate), Mελισσόχορτο (Lemon Balm), Λουίζα (Verbena), Δενδρολίβανο (Rosemary)
✨ Peptide Wrinkle Reducers
Dipalmitoyl Hydroxyproline
💦 Hydrating Smoothers
Hyaluronic Acids, Squalane, Sunflower , Sodium Lactate
☀️ Amino Acid Brighteners
Aspartic acid, Arginine, Alanine, Proline
👙 Luminous Depuffers
Green Tea, Yerba Mate Tea, Coffea, Cacao, Feverfew, Natural Caffeines