Ask Dr. Macrene:Sleep Position & Skin

"Sleep position is a key factor in skin quality," says Dr. Macrene, who has researched all aspects of skin health impacted by sleep. The dermatologist-scientist makes eye-opening recommendations for ideal sleep position and rejuvenation during sleep!
Sleep Tight


Back Sleeping is Best

 "Sleeping on your back is the ideal position for minimizing trauma to the skin and for reducing swelling that can occur overnight from fluid accumulation," advises Dr. Macrene

When you sleep on your side or belly, the face is compressed and gravity impacts one side. The skin becomes folded against the pillow, causing wrinkles over time. Fluid accumulates in the gravity-dependent position causing puffiness.

In her clinical dermatology practice, Dr. Macrene can tell which side her patient favors during sleep.

Dr. Macrene has described what she calls "sleep creases": wrinkles on the cheeks, undereyes, and jawline corresponding to skin folding during sleep. Dr. Macrene recommends sleeping on your back or at least altering the side you sleep on.


Blue Light Protection

Another key aspect of sleep impacting skin is the absence of light exposure. Light, especially blue, suppresses the body's release of melatonin, a hormone that makes us feel sleepy. If you use electronic devices before bed, consider wearing blue light blocking glasses, installing an app that filters the blue wavelength at night, or using a blue light protections screen cover. 

Just as blue light can impact your sleep cycle, it can also disrupt the circadian rhythm of skin cells, potentially causing skin damage over time. "To protect your skin from blue light, look for products that contain zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, iron oxide, and antioxidants such as vitamin C," suggests Dr. Macrene.

The newly launched High Performance Tinted Moisturizer extended shade range includes natural sunscreen ingredients such as titanium, zinc and iron oxides which shield skin from UV, blue light and infrared rays. It also contains 45 additional actives including potent antioxidants such as superoxide dismutase, green tea epigalleins, and resveratrol. Toxin-free, it is the only cover up good enough to sleep in! 


Overnight Rejuvenation

While we’re sleeping, our skin switches into recovery mode, a time of repair and regeneration. Since we are often unable to get 8+ hours of sleep every night, your can still rejuvenate your skin in the morning with the skin restoring qualities of the High Performance Tinted Moisturizer. This exquisite color-matching serum includes anti-puffing ingredients such as organic extracts of coffee, Yerba Mate tea, green tea, cacao, feverfew, bisabolol and natural caffeine. While reducing puffiness, its 45 actives also help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, repair the skin barrier, brighten dullness, restore DNA and maintain hydration.