Ask Dr. Macrene:Should I Use The Cream or The Serum

Use Both Products For Maximum Results

The High Performance Face Cream is suitable for everyone, while the High Performance Serum is lightweight and ideal for those with acne-prone skin or younger individuals who prefer lighter products. However, if you're looking for maximum benefits, Dr. Macrene recommends applying the cream first followed by the serum, delivering a whopping >100 actives to your skin daily. The cream is enriched with liposomes that deliver the initial set of actives, followed by the serum to enhance firmness further.

The One-Step Skincare Solution®: Do You Need Retinol?

Many customers asked if they need to add products like retinol or vitamin C to their skincare routine in addition to using MACRENE actives, and the answer is always no. Each MACRENE actives product is a stand-alone product that is made to meet all your skin needs. “"I formulated each product to create a one-step skincare solution. Whether you choose to use the cream or the serum, you're covered." says Dr. Macrene. "If I could recommend one product, that'll be my hero cream—it’s made with fifty-five active ingredients. When I’m packing light, I pack just the face cream.

The General Rule: Macrene Cream First, Serum After

The MACRENE actives High Performance Serum should be applied after the High Performance Face Cream. This is due to the fact that we do not use any mineral oils, petrolatum, or any other pore-clogging ingredients in the High Performance Face Cream. Instead, we use liposomes, which ensure the ingredients in the cream get absorbed fully into the skin. Also, the cream contains multiple types of the highest quality peptides and hyaluronic acid. Therefore, it pampers your skin with moisture and plumpness. Use the serum after the face cream to add an additional 50 firming actives, seal in the ingredients and achieve best results.