Ask Dr. Macrene:Other than MACRENE actives, are there any dermatologic procedures that you should do regularly?

Dr. Macrene's Advice:
If you start young and apply the line twice daily:
 The answer is probably no. "I have created MACRENE actives to replace cosmetic procedures. That doesn’t mean that cosmetic procedures aren’t necessary for some people," says Dr. Macrene.
If you are at a more advanced age, or you started MACRENE actives later in life:
Procedures may be needed to get back to a really good point. "Strategic aesthetic use of injectables and laser procedures may be advisable to get you to a healthy and youthful state, and then maintain with MACRENE actives. You may supplement the actives with procedures if you have a specific concern or condition," says Dr. Macrene. "For deep creases, that would be injectable, while for texture or pigmentary issues, it might be a chemical peel or laser resurfacing. After this, just maintain the skin in great condition with your MACRENE actives.”