Ask Dr. Macrene:How Do I Maintain Healthy Skin?

Healthy Skin Prescription by Dr. Macrene
Dr. Macrene formulated the MACRENE actives line to provide all the ingredients you need to keep the skin in good health. Moreover, Dr. Macrene formulated her one-step skincare in the world’s cleanest formulation while assuring clinical efficacy through her patented delivery system. "It is easy to mix together 5 plant oils and have a natural or organic product. However, while such a product would be fine as a salad dressing, it does not equate to scientific efficacy. In order for a product to be scientifically proven, each ingredient needs to come from a source lab that has invested in the R&D to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of the ingredient for specified claims. In MACRENE actives, each and every active has been characterized, tested, and demonstrated to be first-in-class for a given type of ingredient and for a given benefit to skin health. The highest quality, purity and potency actives are expensive to source and manufacture; compound this with the complex, patented formulation of MACRENE actives and you have an incredibly effective product that costs a premium," says Dr. Macrene.
The MACRENE actives Routine
"I consider the application of the right skincare twice daily akin to brushing your teeth at least twice a day. Visiting me in the office is like getting a deep cleaning at your dentist’s office twice a year; you still need to maintain at home. It doesn’t make sense to visit me in the office if you’re not going to invest in the right daily skincare to maintain those results of beautiful skin." — Dr. Macrene