Ask Dr. Macrene:Are You Applying Too Many Skincare Products?

Ever wonder if you’re applying too many skincare products? Dr. Macrene says keep it ONE STEP SKINCARE:

Three Signs You're Using Too Many Products

1. You're battling itchy, red, flaky, or sun-sensitive skin
Layering and over-applying products will increase the risk of a skin reaction. Dr. Macrene recommends starting with a pea-size amount for the entire face - or even less for those who layer on several products.
2. Your skin is shiny but not oily
This might be a sign of over-exfoliation. Feelings of skin "tightness" is another clue that you may be using too many products that are drying out and over-exfoliating your skin.
3. You alter your routine all the time
Using many products means layering on toxic preservatives above the maximum allowable, and excessive, wasteful packaging. “Layering on products also costs thousands of dollars and time in a day-to-day routine. That’s why I started MACRENE actives — my toxin-free one-step plant-based skincare line to give you 50 actives in a single product for the health of your skin and the environment," says Dr. Macrene.

Dr. Macrene Puts 50 Active Ingredients in One Pot

There is no reason why you cannot get 50 active ingredients efficiently into the skin in one product. Dr. Macrene included 50 of the world's best anti-aging actives in the One-Step Skincare Solution® — High Performance Face Cream.

"I patented a method for lipoencapsulating and coordinating the actives to cover all anti-aging categories, and a third party lab showed they are active and stable at 100% activity in a single jar. I have updated the cream regularly so it is the most modern, powerful and complete One-Step Skincare Solution® cream on the market," says Dr. Macrene.
Packed with organic mushroom extract, olive oil-derivatives, and hyaluronic acid, this cult-favorite cream will revitalize and firm for long-lasting results.  Aids in skin restoration and helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. 
Active Ingredients:
Anti-Wrinkle - Decreases appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
Copper Peptide, Resveratrol, Hyaluronic Acid
Anti-Brown Blotches – Restores luminosity
Glucosamine, Ergothioneine, Arginine, Amino Acids
Anti-Red Blotches – Improves skin tone
Bisabolol, Coffee, Yerba Mate Tea, Feverfew Extracts
Anti-Oxidants – Protects from exposures to sun and pollution
Resveratrol, Vitamins C & E, Edelweiss extract
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