Ask Dr. Macrene:Are Injectables Preventative?

“I look at wrinkles as if they are scars in the skin due to the repeated movement of muscles on the face. So yes, I believe that Botox® is preventative because if used wisely it gives the skin a rest, so it can replenish itself. Essentially you are preventing them before they happen, but my advice is to use MACRENE actives which supply peptides and micro capsulated hyaluronic acid to build the skin while the Botox® is in place, so potentially you may replace Botox® with MACRENE actives.” —Dr. Macrene
The best wrinkle-fighting creams are those that help build our skin's building blocks, namely collagen and elastin fibers. Dr. Macrene combined the world’s most proven peptides, top-grade hyaluronic acids, and DNA repair in the formulation of MACRENE actives to help increase collagen fibers, iron out fine lines and fill in creases. No needles required.