Announcing MACRENE Supermodel Launch

Supermodels are not born; they are made–and it takes a talented village! Dr. Macrene is the superpower that has launched the careers of the greatest supermodels of the decade. Models, like anyone else - suffer from acne, hyperpigmentation, scarring, wrinkles, and texture issues, and Dr. Macrene's care is critical for achieving the flawless beautiful skin needed to become a top model.
As the world's leading dermatologist, Dr. Macrene has launched the successful careers of the world's top supermodels with her pioneering knowledge and masterful artistic hands. Careers and lives have completely transformed after experiencing the skin beautifying magic of Dr. Macrene and MACRENE actives
Visit our new website to learn about the supermodels' skincare journeys, the secret weapons behind their natural beauty, and their favorite MACRENE actives products that have cured and revitalized their skin. We believe that everyone can have the glow of a supermodel. Great skin isn't always in the genes, it's also in the active ingredients.
"To have launched the careers of so many supermodels is a source of great pride and achievement: Kaia, Meadow, Quinn, Fernanda, Nikki, Ellen Rosa and many, many more and upcoming. A combination of artistry, medical acumen, procedural facility and stellar formulating with MACRENE actives clears skin concerns such as severe acne, scarring and discolorations so my models exhibit flawless skin that takes them to the top and keeps them there.” —Dr. Macrene

Behind Ellen Rosa’s Unretouched Natural Perfection:

High Performance Tinted Moisturizer

Ellen Rosa is a Brazilian model and Dr. Macrene devotee who has appeared in show after show since her first New York Fashion Week appearance at Alexander Wang.

Before becoming one of the most sought-after faces, Ellen was plagued by severe acne, scarring and discolorations. Dr. Macrene combined her medical and procedural strategies with MACRENE actives to clear and beautify her skin rapidly and consistently, ensuring her success. Now, she is the face of Fendi and Prada. Ellen maintains her now-perfect skin with MACRENE actives throughout her busy schedule of photoshoots and fashion shows.

Ellen wears the High Performance Tinted Moisturizer in Medium-Deep, which gives her a polished natural look while nourishing and protecting her complexion with over 45 active ingredients. With the help of Dr. Macrene and MACRENE actives, Ellen regained her confidence to be able to put her beautiful face forward in the best way!

Ellen Rosa of DNA Models with Dr. Macrene at her office keeping her skincare on track. "She approved this nude skin photo to show how far her skin has come. She is also teaching me Portuguese which is a goal of mine. Today’s lesson: pele bonita (beautiful skin)!" —Dr. Macrene